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About us

We define and develop digital solutions that let businesses thrive



We practice rigorous business analysis and systematize knowledge to define possibilities of turning technological advances into opportunities for business.



We enable organizations to cut their costs by applying modern methodologies of business process management and avant-garde tech such as AI, ML and adaptive algorithmization.



We design, develop and release digital products that create value preposition for the end customers of our clients.



We make sure the most suitable solutions are applied for parts of business activities where the most significant impact is possible.


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What technology decision is suitable for your needs

We created a visual storytelling experience to spotlight Harmless Harvest’s ground-breaking ecosystem based business.

FinTech and Digital Banking

FinTech software projects are different. It’s not enough to hire any software development company. When it comes to fintech software development, you should be confident your software development partner matches your business needs optimally. We help FinTech companies to develop innovative financial technology that disrupt the global economy.

Internet of Things solutions

As the IoT landscape is vast and ever-changing, with multitudes of options available, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. What’s perfect for one business could be fatal for yours. We will start from defining your business requirements and then guide you all way long in IoT-journey.

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Innovative software giving modern experience to your customers.

We create tailored software relevant to your business needs.

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Our clients say

Majority of our customers are using the product that was developed by Softensy. I am sincerely glad to work with this team. There are many projects ahead.

— Ekobank

Pavel Chishko,Head of Digital Technology

We thank the team for the individual approach, careful study of all the details and prompt cooperation.

— IDS Borjomi Ukraine

Aleksandr Piktelis, IT Product Owner

The Softensy team completed the tasks at a high level and in a timely manner. I also note the pro-activity of developers: thanks to their suggestions, the above functions were implemented as convenient as possible for users and as efficient as possible for our company.

— Benefit Systems

Igor Shumytskyy, CMO

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