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Fintech in the Netherlands: Trends and Startup Ideas [with real-world fintech use case included]

Nataliia P. - July 13, 2022 - 0 comments

The Netherlands is renowned for being at the forefront of technological innovation, so it’s no surprise that the fintech industry is thriving here. According to Findexable, the Netherlands ranks 8th in the Global Fintech Index, which means it has a lot of privately owned fintech firms and provides high-quality fintech services.

For those looking to start a fintech business, the Dutch region is a perfect place to consider. If you are going to launch your fintech startup, watch out for the latest trends and learn from the experience of the Softensy project.

Shoppers prefer to pay online with credit card

Shoppers in the Netherlands willingly pay with credit cards

AI technology helps evaluate risks of financial companies

Evaluating risks with AI technologies

Peer-to-peer lending in the Netherlands

P2P lending is a growing fintech trend in the Netherlands

How payment gateway KOSHT works

Operation scheme of KOSHT by Softensy


Our client’s initial idea was to develop a payment solution for partner companies that provide utility payments. The client wanted to replace a third-party payment system with their own solution and save on commissions and other regular fees.

Using payment gateway KOSHT for online payments

Online payment with KOSHT


Given the project’s success, the client decided to extend the software with more advanced features and create a proprietary full-fledged payment aggregator.

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