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How to Find the Right Mobile Development Team for Your Project

Nataliia P. - April 25, 2023 - 0 comments

Nowadays, mobile applications are a major part of our lives, and the downloads just keep increasing year after year. With mobile apps, people make purchases, pay bills, keep in touch with contacts, work out, travel, study, date, and more.

Organizations recognize that having an online presence is necessary to succeed commercially. Also, broadening businesses’ reach to mobile devices often yields excellent outcomes in terms of a larger customer base and greater user satisfaction. That said, businesses are more inclined to invest in mobile development, and having a capable mobile team is becoming increasingly essential.

Unfortunately, the shortage of developers and the rising software developers’ rates make it difficult to assemble an effective mobile development team. This is why app development outsourcing is seen as the best choice; it provides swift access to ideal talent, and you can commence development without delay.

If you want to outsource mobile app development but are not sure where to begin, consider using our tips that can help you find the best app developers for your project.

Understand the different types of mobile app developers

There are many types of mobile app developers, and you need to understand who exactly you are looking for.

For example, if you want to develop an iOS app, you should look for native iOS developers who are well-versed in Swift, Objective-C, and X-code.

If you want to create an Android app, you should hire native Android developers with strong expertise in Java, Kotlin, and Android studio.

For cross-platform apps that can run both on iOS and Android, you should look for JavaScript/HTML/CSS developers who are also familiar with React Native, Ionic, or PhoneGap frameworks.

It often happens that business owners are not sure what mobile platform to choose and what technologies to adopt. In this case, it is better to schedule a meeting with a software development provider and ask them for technological advice.

Choosing development tools is a crucial stage in project implementation. The experienced team will run an in-depth business analysis before proposing a specific tech stack. The factors it will consider for technologies selection will be:

  • business goals
  • customers’ expectations
  • competitors’ offers
  • expected deadlines
  • project budget
  • team’s expertise

Identify your project needs and goals

Before you start your search for a mobile development team, it’s important to know what your project needs and goals are. At this stage, you don’t want to think about the technical side of the project. Instead, you should focus on the business-development aspect and understand how your business will benefit from a mobile app.

Depending on the business area, the examples of business goals may be as follows:

Retail. Increase sales by 20% by introducing the online payment function.

Banking. Increase customer base by 40% through the introduction of a mobile banking app.

Education. Increase the quality of education and the number of A grades by 10% by using innovative learning methods based on AI/ML and AR/VR technologies.

Finance. Reduce the personnel workload and the paperwork by 30% by developing automatic reporting and analytics.

Customer support. Reduce response time by 30% by allowing customer care managers to respond on the go.

By understanding your business goals, you can clearly communicate them to the software development provider and get the desired result within established deadlines.

Do your research

Now that you know why you need a mobile app and how it is going to boost your business, you can proceed to choose the right technology partner. If you don’t know where to start, use trusted resources like Clutch, GoodFirms, or G2. These technology review platforms will provide you with information like

  • company’s size
  • year of foundation
  • minimum project budget
  • hourly rate
  • industry focus
  • tech expertise

You can also read real client reviews there and see the company rating.

If you are looking for a team that can start a project as quickly as possible, it’s better to consider industry-focused agencies rather than multi-purpose software development giants.

Boutique software development firms have in-house specialists with strong expertise in a specific area, such as e-commerce, finance, or banking. Instead of recruiting specialists for your project, they will immediately offer you available experts with relevant experience. Not big companies will also keep you updated about the work progress and establish trusted and transparent relationships without micromanagement and сumbersome red tape.

Check their portfolio and case studies

When you’re looking for a mobile development team, a key point to think about is checking out their portfolio and case studies. This gives you an inside look into the projects they have already done and the success of those projects for their clients. Their portfolio should feature samples of all the software and apps they’ve built, which gives you a better sense of their abilities. 

Case studies can be even more useful to look at since they provide more specifics on each project and how any challenges faced were overcome. Additionally, take some time to see who they have done projects for in the past – whether it be big companies or smaller startups – as this can help make sure your chosen mobile dev team is well-equipped to handle your size and scope. 

At Softensy, we work with both big and small businesses. We develop e-commerce apps, mobile banking solutions, real estate software systems, business process automation platforms, and more.

If you want to learn more about our experience take a look at our recent projects.

Developing web and mobile solutions for a large European bank

We are proud to be Ukragazbank’s partner, a large European bank, and have been working with them for five years on a full-fledged banking application for web and mobile platforms. It took our team eight months to release the initial version, and ever since then, we have been constantly providing support and improvements, as well as introducing new features. 

The mobile banking app developed by the Softensy team has numerous features such as: 

  • P2P payments
  • utility bill payments
  • mobile top-ups
  • card balance checks
  • purchase history viewing
  • loan payments
  • fines payment
  • and more

Technologies used:

  • Java
  • Spring
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Go
  • Flutter
  • React
  • Angular
  • AWS

We continuously keep up with the latest technology trends to give our customers the best user experience while achieving the most significant outcomes for our client. We value long-term cooperation with our client and appreciate their trust in our team.

Mobile banking app by Softensy

Developing a real estate app for residents of an apartment building

Our client, Saga Development, is a construction company that offers high-quality apartments and office spaces in Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine. They got to a point where dealing with their tenants offline was no longer beneficial and asked us to create a system that would digitalize the customer relationship. As a result of this project, we developed a web CRM for managers and a mobile app for tenants and potential clients. 

The mobile application was designed to automate interactions between tenants and house managers, provide comprehensive information on residential complexes, and gather all related services in one location. 

We developed the project within six months. During this time, we created the following app functionality:

  • document management
  • video cams integration 
  • news feeds
  • digital locks
  • bill payment options
  • service ordering capabilities
  • tools to create and vote on initiatives relevant to house routines

Technologies used:

  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • SIP 
  • iPay 

The client highly appreciated our work and reported sales and customers increase soon after the product launch.

App for house residents by Softensy

Developing B2B application for the supplier of mineral water 

IDS Borjomi International, the largest producer of natural mineral water in the Eastern European region, approached us to create an app that would streamline their sales and logistics operations. At some point, they realized their sales representatives’ costs were unreasonably high and decided to optimize them with the help of business process digitization.

The app we created has the look and feels of an online shop, however, it is available for corporate clients only. Here is how it works:

  • the water supplier signs a contract with a grocery store and enters its data into the app
  • the water suppliers shares app access with the grocery store
  • the grocery store uses the app to order the water 
  • the water supplier processes the order via the app

The main app features include:

  • account registration
  • user authorization
  • product catalog
  • favorite products
  • product search
  • order placement
  • order history
  • client feedback
  • notifications

Technologies used:

  • Swift
  • Alamofire 
  • Kingfisher 
  • Kotlin 
  • Retrofit
  • RxJava
  • Dagger
  • Room
  • Glide 

After the application launch, the client reported reduced operating costs, a better quality of service, and more efficient communication with partners. They also appreciated our work commitment and ability to meet deadlines.

App for water supplier by Softensy

Ask for a project estimate

Price is a big concern when choosing a software development partner. Before signing a software development contract, it is crucial to weigh all the pros and cons and get confidence that a given team is right for your mobile development project. 

If you want to find the best option from the price-quality perspective, it is worth communicating with several software development providers. You can schedule meetings with companies’ representatives, ask them about their processes and workflow, and understand whether you are on the same page regarding work attitude and product development approaches.

You can also order project estimates and compare the prices of different software providers. Among other things, project estimate will provide you with such information as

  • technologies to be used
  • milestones to be achieved
  • team composition
  • IT infrastructure
  • etc.

It is worth noting that project estimates are applicable for small and mid-sized projects. If you are looking for long-lasting cooperation and a dedicated team, it is better to discuss the amount of compensation to team members and the service fee.


Finding the right mobile development team is no small feat, but it pays off big time. The right team can help you grow your customer base, reduce operating costs, and maximize profits. It can also help you streamline business operations and make your online presence work for your brand strength.

Currently, there are plenty of mobile development providers on the market. To find a perfect match, you should do a thorough research, check the companies’ experiences, and compare software development providers’ prices.

At Softensy, we’ve been developing mobile apps for seven years. We partner with enterprises and startups and create apps for finance, banking, real estate, education, retail, and other industries.

If you are looking for a reliable technology partner who will treat your project as a unique one, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to create a mobile app that will take your business to the next level.

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