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Digital Banking Mobile Apps


Complete set of digital banking systems which includes Internet and mobile banking apps for end clients, administrative and CRM interfaces for staff and mobile office app for bank employees providing services on-site. Internet and mobile apps offer clients P2P money transfers, history of transactions, mobile replenishment, payments by requisites and payment templates. Administrative interfaces let operators and moderators provide data-powered customer support. CRM system lets bank to know their customers and upsell bank products effectively.


Initial objective within digital transformation process of Ukrgasbank was to launch essential web and mobile banking services in short terms starting from zero-online presence. Current goals are increasing loyalty of customers and CLV by offering a range of banking products and related services via personalized interfaces and harnessing technologies for marketing and customer services activities.

  • Date

    March 26, 2017

  • Skills

    Java/Spring, Java, Objective-C, React, Angular, AWS.

  • Client

    PJC Ukrgasbank

  • Tags

    apps, digital transformations, mobile apps, notifications, push

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