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Sfera living system

BPM\CRM\ERP Internet of Things Mobile Apps

Sfera living system

Integrated digital solution for management company which consists of mobile applications for end clients and a set of administrative interfaces for the personnel. Mobile apps feature a range of concierge services, smart home functions, financial operations, micro-social network for residents, access to CCTV and intercom. Administrative interfaces include CMS, BPM and CRM systems which cover the whole range of management company operations.


Project’s goal was to create an additional value to the real estate property by providing residents with a set of complementary digital interfaces which increase ease of control and comfort of residing. The main challenge of interface development was to pack a great range of diversified services, smart home control and financial management into intuitive mobile interface. From the back-office perspective the challenge was to integrate multiple third-party systems of partners and service providers for the centralized management.

  • Date

    March 26, 2017

  • Skills

    Ruby, React, Swift, Java/Kotlin, XD.

  • Client


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