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Softensy public speech at the AI.conf

There were few artificial intelligence solutions five years ago. People were complaining that they were expensive and complicated. Today there are too many of them. It is hard to understand what products are viable, how they work, what should be done and in what order.

The aim of the conference is to structure the knowledge about the automation of business processes using artificial intelligence, chatbots, and the Internet of Things.

Tasks of the technology:

  • reduce the number of human mistakes;
  • cheapen and automate the production;
  • speed up the customer service process;
  • improve business analytics;
  • automate marketing.

Participants will make the way from questions like “How to increase sales?” to specific examples of what should be done and in what order. Specialists will show how to increase incomes, monitor and improve the work of algorithms, provide techniques aimed to enhance each parameter.

We learned about:

  • the notions of artificial intelligence, chatbots, and Internet of Things as business tools;
  • advantages and disadvantages of every technology;
  • which processes are more beneficial to automate;
  • technical development;
  • where to buy solutions;
  • which platforms to use to build prototypes.

The conference is intended for business owners, СFOs, CDOs, CMOs.


Some photos from our speech:

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