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The simple solution, which helped businesses to save up to $60 000/ per month on notifications.

Valeriy - July 4, 2019 - 0 comments

Businesses now pay monthly huge amounts for the SMS sendings, which is not converted to income in advance and has no payoff. I’m excited to share with you the case, which was three times implemented for our customers’ projects (enterprise customers meant inhere) and helped them to save to $60 000/per months on their messages sending. It was a really simple and fabulous solution that was on the surface. We called this module Smart notifications.

The essential idea of smart notifications is using firstly of all types of free messaging (mailing, messengers’ chats, etc.). before SMS-sendings. We’ve created some kind of messages distribution funnel, leveraging the several steps and types of information delivered. It also allowed integrating the messaging processing into an internal CRM system, to visualize the dynamic.

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