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What Is Mobile CRM And Why Do You Need One?

Maryna Cherednychenko - March 5, 2021 - 0 comments

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an essential part of the business. As the technologies evolve, CRM systems become more complex. At the moment, they cover not only sales but also content, marketing, staff management, and other business processes. Companies are investing more and more in CRM because they see great results. By 2025, the CRM software revenue is expected to reach $80,000 million. For comparison, this figure was $13.93 million ten years back.

As of today, mobile CRMs are gaining momentum. They help managers be more agile and productive. Such CRMs are always at hand and reduce downtimes. They allow you to make decisions and respond to changing business environments quickly. In this post, we will consider mobile CRM features and suggest what solution may serve you best.

Mobile CRM vs. Desktop CRM. How They Differ

Mobile CRM is software that collects and analyzes information about sales, returns, support calls, responses to promotions, and so on. The purpose of the mobile CRM is no different from its desktop “colleague.” The company agents run such a program to track customer behavior and build an effective marketing strategy based on the received data. Desktop and mobile CRMs are developed for diverse platforms. The first one runs on PCs and laptops, while the second – on tablets and smartphones. The latter makes mobile CRM more flexible than its stationary version because the users can do many things on the go. The managers are no longer tied to an office and business hours. They can perform specific actions whenever and wherever they are. Besides, they can quickly respond to urgent cases if they arise.

According to Nucleus Research, 65% of companies that use mobile CRM meet their sales targets, compared with 22% of companies that do not use the CRM app or use only the desktop version.


Benefits of mobile CRM usage

Benefits of mobile CRM usage

Why Develop Mobile CRM?

If you think about developing mobile CRM software, you need more flexibility in business management. Mobile CRM will provide you with the necessary tools for 24/7 control and ongoing connection with clients and employees. Here are the benefits you are going to receive:

Up-To-Date Information

Information in business is a valuable resource. Companies spend a lot of time and effort to extract it. A mobile CRM system is a ready-made solution to obtain timely data. It mirrors the company state and grants access to the entire database at any time – at a meeting with partners, during negotiations with clients, or at workshops with colleagues. Using the mobile app is easier and faster than using a browser. To work with CRM and manage a company, you just need Internet access.

Time Savings

Mobile CRMs reduce downtimes and contribute to smart time management. They have many tools for planning, scheduling, and noting important events. All the information is available on a phone screen and can be reached through finger touch. This helps distribute tasks and prioritize goals. Also, managers can reassign cases to colleagues if they are not available at the moment.

Smart Decisions

CRM software often includes AI and ML elements for faster and better results. For example, chatbots can handle simple queries and let humans concentrate on more creative tasks. Automatic tools fill in required fields freeing agents from routine manual work. Smart algorithms learn from past decisions and suggest the right steps to drive advanced marketing. The task range can be expanded further. If you decide to develop a custom CRM, you can choose the AI-powered tools strictly for your team.

Handy Information Display

In CRM, data is collected automatically and translated into ready-made reports. Users do not need to spend time on manual data entry. Smart algorithms structure information without human participation and graphical tools present it in a clear view. CRM-generated reports are easy to share with employees and departments, which facilitates coordination between the company’s divisions.

Sales Growth

CRM systems allow you to trace the customer’s path from the first contact to the moment of sale. They study decision patterns and suggest special offers growing clients’ trust and loyalty. Sales reps, who are often away from the office, can access CRM data, see clients’ history, and manage deals. In such a way, they use mobile CRMs to add value to the sales process and create meaningful and lasting customer relations.


CRM benefits

CRM benefits

What Are The Features Of Mobile CRM?

A perfect mobile CRM repeats all the features containing in the desktop version. Consider looking for the following functionality when you browse different CRM solutions:

Core Features

Such features will be offered by nearly every CRM solution you come across. The main thing here is not to check their availability but examine the way of presentation. Pay attention to layout and usability. Is it easy to reach functions and extract the information? Are you happy with touchscreen usage? Does the app respond quickly?

✅Contact management. Here you are interested in the names, addresses, and social media accounts of your clients. Make sure the app allows you to quickly access and update the relevant data.

✅Communication history. The CRM system must keep track of all interactions from the first to last contact. This will allow managers to learn the shopping intentions and provide better service.

✅Lead management. Potential clients or leads need special attention. It is essential that the lead management feature fully meets your business’s needs so that sales reps could smartly guide clients through the sales pipeline.

Common Features

These are typical features yet not available in every CRM system. Depending on your company size and focus area, you may need all or part of them. Probably, it will be necessary to customize the system to meet specific business goals. That is why it is vital to study CRM beforehand to see if it is right for you.

✅Email integration. Except for standard email tools, you will be able to run marketing campaigns, use ready-made templates, and manage correspondence in one place. CRM does everything that email clients can do, plus it gives tools for advanced management.

✅Document flow. Gathering all docs in one place is a good idea if you own a big company. The colleagues can view, share, and store files with minimal investment of time. Besides, they have access to a document hub from any part of the world.

✅Sales pipeline. The number of sales stages, their names, and content vary in different companies. It is essential to define your own and adjust appropriate settings in CRM. Thus, agents will understand the sales process, and managers get a clear control system.

✅Workflow automation. It is rather a degree of automation of other CRM functions than a separate feature. It all depends on how much you want to reduce manual data processing and what part of the work to entrust to the software algorithms.

Extra Features 

Such features are not a prime necessity, so you can only find them in some CRM systems. Usually, they are more in demand among medium and large companies. However, the final decision is yours because every business is unique.

✅Analytics & reporting. You can get a variety of analytics that will keep you updated on the current business state. Check if CRM can generate reports by regions, products, managers, time intervals, and other criteria of interest.

✅Predictive analysis. This feature uses AI and ML to analyze the past behavior of customers and predict their future needs. It can tell agents what and when to offer to the client to increase the likelihood of purchase.


CRM features

CRM features

How To Choose Best CRM Software

To choose the best CRM system, you must clearly understand your business goals. 

Do you need a simple solution for light tasks or complex software for advanced purposes? 

Would you prefer stable features set or a highly scalable system for growing business? 

Do you tend towards ultimate automation or trust more in human agents?

The answers to these questions will narrow down the search and help you filter out unsuitable CRM systems. If you are to browse the off-the-shelf CRMs, check our article with the best CRM solutions for enterprises and small firms. If you think of developing custom CRM, look at this post, sharing our experience in custom CRM development. For further questions, feel free to contact our managers. They will advise the best possible solutions tied to your business needs.

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